Book and Show Reviews
"I highly recommend taking your children to see ' Buy
Me A Monkey Show', as  a childcare educator that
visited our local community library with our preschool
children on an excursion to see this fantastic
interactive show and story by Cherelle.  It was  
enjoyed by everyone."
Rebecca Merchant - Childcare Educator
"Cherelle visited our storytime programs in March. She
had the kids engaged from the very entertaining reading
of her book right through to singing monkey themed
songs on her ukulele, which had kids and parents up on
their feet  dancing! Cherelle is a highly entertaining
presenter and I would certainly recommend her for
programs targeted to pre-school and primary aged
Danielle Old- Events Co-ordinator Manning Valley Libraries
"A beautifully created text and illustrations appropriate for babies,
toddlers and school age. Storytelling of the book, by the author
was amazing. She shared with the audience her ideas behind
writing the text and further engaged the audience through the
use of musical instruments, role play and singing. I would
definitely recommend this to anyone."
Rhiannonn Hardy- Childcare Educator and Mother
"Cherelle, I would like to thank you for coming to Harrington Evening VIEW Club as our
guest speaker and discussing your new book "Buy me a Monkey".  We all enjoyed your
presentation, your reading of the book was so entertaining, you brought it to life!  Our
members found your use of the English language most appropriate and enjoyable, and
also the modern day twist on language was delightful!.
I can just imagine a real 6 year old child having that conversation with her mother and
also the mother's reply was so apt.
Thank you Cherelle, we are looking forward to the whole series (please do it!)
Best wishes,

Jean Villiers"