About Cherelle
Where Do I Live?
I live in the beautiful Lake Macquarie Region in NSW Australia.

Who Do I Live With?
My patient husband Shaun and my two beautiful daughters Shontelle and
Sharlee and a mischievous rabbit named Shelly Belly. Yes, we are very
corny and all share a 'SH' name!

How Did I Get Into Writing?
I have always written songs and enjoy making up crazy bedtime stories for
my girls so it seemed a natural progression to start writing children's books.

What Else Have I Done?
I have sung and played keyboard professionally since my teens.
I have a Diploma in Children's Services and worked for a while in
preschools. For many years I worked as a private music teacher teaching
Singing, Keyboard and Early Childhood Music groups.

My Hobbies?
I love playing the ukulele (a recent obsession), playing the piano, singing and
reading wonderful bedtime stories to my girls.