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Wow! It's been a year since I've blogged! Lot's has been happening in the world of
monkeys. Millie Monkey, Ellie Eckles and myself have visited lots of schools and
preschools and libraries spreading the word or should I say singing the words of 'Buy
Me A Monkey.' The book launch at Swansea Library was twelve months ago which is truly
unbelievable. It has just flown by.
Hopefully the next twelve months will bring the Buy Me A Monkey show to many more
schools and preschools and libraries.

April has been a very exciting month in the world of monkeys!
I had a wonderful day out at the Newcastle Writers Festival and made some new friends
with some other local authors. I was delighted to see a fantastic crowd gathered for the
event and there were lots of wonderful shows to watch. My girls really enjoyed our dear
friend Deb
Kelly's launch of the 'Ruby Wishfingers' series. We have become big fans of
this highly imaginative exciting series. We love it! We also enjoyed the 'Dandelions' on
stage show by author Katrina Mckelvey, a beautiful heartwarming story.  'Digby's Moon
mission' by author Renee Price was an energetic fun-filled show by a multi-talented lady.
We also really enjoyed the puppetry and story of 'lessons Of A Lac' by Lynn Jenkins and
Kirilli lonergan.
I paid a visit to a beautiful little preschool "Little Flippers Taree." I got to use my new
ukulele and headset mic for the first time there. Also very exciting using my new toys!
I made my first appearance as a guest speaker to adults at the Harrington VIEW Club. Of
course my ukulele still made an appearance! It was a great night and I felt very welcome
and appreciated. Thank you!
I revisited Taree Library for a super fun  holiday story time and look forward to visiting
there again in the future. Thanks for having me again!

Everything went really well for the book launch at Swansea Library and I am thrilled with
the turn out. Thanks so much to my wonderful family and friends that came to support
me. Swansea library staff were wonderful and provided a fantastic monkey craft - thank
you! The day included "Buy Me A Monkey" stickers and bookmarks and lots of bananas!  
Thanks to Deb Kelly for taking lots of great pictures and sharing them for me - you are
awesome! Here are a few pictures from the fantastic day.

So excited to share with you the new 'BUY ME A MONKEY' YouTube channel. Go and
check out videos and songs of me with Millie The Monkey and Ellie Eckles

It's been a busy couple of months! I had a great time at the Charlestown Square
Treehouse storytime on March 2nd.
Last week I toured the libraries and a school and preschool in the Manning Valley area. It
was so much fun entertaining the kids with my story and with all the fun monkey songs.
My two daughters came along too and dressed up as the characters and they also had a
blast! Looking forward to visiting the manning valley area again.  
This is my gorgeous girl holding the draft copy of  "Buy Me A Monkey" Isn't she adorable!
I'll post a photo of Ellie Eckles soon!
Ellie Eckles and Millie the monkey are so excited about their story coming soon!

The books arrived today!!! Very exciting! I am so happy with the book. Can't wait to start
sharing it with everyone at upcoming readings and launches.
I am anxiously awaiting the books! They are due in the next couple of days. So very
exciting! The ebook is available on itunes and google play books. My beautiful and clever
7 yr old daughter and I recorded the audio which accompanies the ebooks. We had a
wonderful time recording it together. The hardcopy books all feature a QR code to
download the audio track.
My wonderful and very skilled Mum has sewn an Ellie Eckles ( the main character) dress
for my eldest 7yr old daughter. My gorgeous 5yr old, the youngest, has a monkey
costume and couldn't look cuter in it. They are both so excited to come along to book
readings with me in the future.

I am so excited to launch my brand new website in preparation for my upcoming
children's picture book titled 'Buy Me A Monkey.' It has been published by 'Little Steps
Publishing' who have been fantastic every step of the way.
'Buy Me A Monkey' is a rhyming picture book and has been superbly illustrated by the
highly talented artist Graeme Compton. It is a humorous story which will delight both
boys and girls.
All going well the books will be available to buy in 7weeks!!!